Investment You Don't Need To Risk Gain

Some people sacrifice return for safety and other people sacrifice safety for return. Indexing brings together the best of both worlds!

$100,000 Invested In 1997


Orange line represents the growth of investment placed on Large Company Stocks while the Blue line is on Indexed Account. The Orange line is subjected to the the ups and downs of the stock market while the Blue line "Locked-In" the gain every year and never loses its gain.


This strategy is the best if you want to preserve your investment with guaranteed annual return up to a maximum of 13%. If you have less than 15 years of accumulation phase before you retire, this strategy may be best for you.


Your investment is based on S&P 500 Index. History shows from Jan 1, 1973 - Dec 31, 2012 a 9.78% Annualized Return. 

401k Fallout - "60 Minutes" by CBS' News


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“What kind of a retirement plan allows millions of people to lose 30-50% of their life savings just as they’re nearing retirement?” Steve Kroft with CBS’ 60 Minutes reports on how the recent financial collapse has devastated the 401k as a retirement resource for many Americans. He covers everything from hidden fees that can eat up as much as half of the income to the history of how something designed as a savings plan and tax shelter became a retirement plan.

PBS Frontline whole segment talks about Retirement Gamble:  


Is your 401k, IRA, SEP, and other retirement plans safe? Whenever your investment is susceptible to the market conditions with its ups and downs you risk your retirement future.



S&P 500 - 30 Year History


Trillion of dollars have evaporated from 401k accounts with some Americans losing half of their retirement when they need it the most according to 60 Minutes by CBS’ News on August 18, 2009!


Based on the S&P 500 graph above, we are at the peak of the 3rd MARKET BOOM in a very short period of time (1995-2000; 2002-2007; and 2009-2013)! Looks like we have a cycle forming where we have a 5-year run followed by a correction... When do you think the market correction happens?


Can you afford to lose ½ of your retirement money? How long would it take you to recoup your money if you ride the market? Protect yourself now and invest in a secure, guaranteed return and still participate in a huge gain if the market continues to go up